Why Become a Spectrum Art Glass Retailer?

In a nutshell, so we can support your business! As a Spectrum-authorized Art Glass Retailer, you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Access to Dealer Direct (exclusive information for Retailers)
  • Advanced emailed notification of new products
  • Bulk SCORE delivery
  • Listing on the Spectrum and/or System 96® Dealer Finders
  • Promotional assistance yearly


How Can You Register?

If you sell Spectrum® and/or System 96® glass and related supplies to the public, with regular posted hours and an up-to-date web presence and/or Facebook page stating that you sell our products, you may qualify as an Authorized Spectrum Retailer. To find out more, please send us and email to the address below. We’ll explain the many benefits and begin the qualification process. There are no costs or fees whatsoever.




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  "Chrysler Buiding"was created by Kevin Tappin of Stained Glass Stuff in Ottawa, Ontario. 

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