Spectrum Glass Company

How Do The Searches Work?

Product Searches: Now you’re free to sort as simply as choosing “pink” only, or as carefully as choosing “textured”, “pink,” and “color-mix” to find just the glass you’re looking for. You can even search by product families such as Waterglass®, Baroque™, Iridescent or Wispy if you know that’s where you want to start. (The Product List is also still available if you prefer that method.)


Pattern Searches: Search through all patterns at once or pare down your choices by selecting just the Floral, Bird or Holiday libraries. We’ll be expanding on a new feature also. Under the “Specialty” group you’ll be able to search for patterns that make use of specific products such as SilverCoats™, Baroque™ or System 96®


Gallery Searches: Understanding that inspiration comes in many forms, we’re working to build flexible, useful Galleries. We offer artist Galleries of professional work but also Galleries that showcase creative uses of particular products and—our favorite—“A World of Possibilities” that attempts to show the mind-boggling scope what can be made with the versatile medium of glass.